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  • A tale of a city
    A collective exhibition of diverse impressions of Vittoriosa by The Studio Collective

1st October - 28th October 2017
Inquisitor's Palace | Main Gate Street | Vittoriosa

About this Tale Birgu 2017

The exhibition will feature paintings as well as sculptures and will explore many varied aspects of Birgu, both present and past.

Sponsored by

Supported by Heritage Malta
Supported by Vivendo Group
Supported by Emmanuel Delicate Winemaker
Supported by The General Soft Drinks Company Ltd.
Supported by MAPFRE MSV Life
Supported by St. Brigid's Centre

The Studio Collective About Us

Mario Agius

Mario Agius


Mario Agius, born in 1956, has manifested a fond inclination to sculpture and design from his early years.

He began his artistic studies under the late Mons. Michelangelo Apap and furthered his studies in wood sculpture under the famous Maltese artist Anton Agius. Lately, Mario attended design lessons under Mr Harry Alden.

In 1989 he followed a course of studies in Cheltenham, England at the White Knight Gallery under the tuition of international artist Ian Norbury.

Presently Agius teaches technology and design in wood at Ninu Cremona Lyceum Complex, Victoria Gozo. To date Mario Agius has participated in several exhibitions both locally and abroad. His first personal exhibition entitled 'Nature Exalted' was held at the Banca Giuratale, Gozo in June 2008. In July 2009, Mario exhibited his sculptures at the 'Marzi Art International Galerie' in Hamburg, Germany. In 2010, Ballerina, a sculpture in olive wood, was awarded silver medal in the 10th Salon International Exhibition organised by Groupmant Artistique Nantes Facade Atlantique (GANFA) in Nantes, France.

In 2011, another two sculptures, Kommunita' and il-Hajja, were shortlisted by the Arti fit-Toroq Competition organised by the Ministry for Gozo. Subsequently Mario sculpt a life size monument in wood of Kommunita' which one can see at the Ferry terminal, at Mgarr Gozo. In March 2015, Mario held another personal exhibition entitled 'Vitae' at the Seminary Hall in Victoria Gozo.

Mario is married to Maria nee' Sultana and has three children: Victor, Graziella and Charlene.

Luella Beck


Luella Beck, an architect by profession, has shown a keen inclination for expressing herself artistically ...

... from a very young age. Decisive to make the best out of her natural talent, she has undertaken uninterrupted studies in art and her style was influenced by the tutorship of various established Maltese artists, namely Alfred Camilleri, Charles Cassar, Jessica DeBattista, Harry Alden and John Martin Borg.

Always willing to experiment with various media and techniques in painting, her paintings are varied yet all connected through the elements of her unmistakable style. Her portfolio is varied and includes subjects such as portraits, studies of the human form, landscapes, abstractions and geometric experimentation, always, however, depicting her scrupulous attention to detail. Having attended figure classes and studied in detail the human form, figure drawing as well as portraiture figure profusely among her works.

Luella's studies in architecture, particularly in the field of design, have added a further depth of meaning and perception to her artworks, particularly when these deal with architectural details as well as in abstract painting. Luella has also participated in a number of collective exhibitions held locally.

Her work can be seen at https://www.facebook.com/LuellaBeckArt

Stephanie Borg Cachia

Stephanie Borg Cachia


Stephanie Borg Cachia studied art under the direction of renowned Maltese artists Harry Alden and ...

... the late Charles Cassar. She obtained a Master's Degree with distinction from the University of Malta in 2009 and now continues to broaden her artistic knowledge through self-teaching and experimentation. Stephanie's inspiration is mainly internally driven, although she is also influenced by the visual and by music, leading to artwork that is expressive, creative and original. With a strong passion for colour, shape and form, her current body of work explores geometric art through the use of squares and uniform triangles. Stephanie works predominantly with oils and acrylics, depending on the theme and style of the work in progress. She has exhibited her work in a number of collective exhibitions held locally, and forms part of The Studio Collective, a team of local artists collaborating on artistic projects.

Bridget Borg

Bridget Borg Alden


Bridget Borg Alden is a Maltese artist born in Sliema in 1962. Currently residing in Balzan she received ...

... her education at St. Monica School and presently works as a Clinic Administrator. Art has been her passion for the past sixteen years, drawing inspiration from her uncle Harry Alden, and the late Esprit Barthet. Her interest leans towards 'Portraiture' and 'Modern Art'. She has taken part in four collective exhibitions till this day. She is married to Dr. Martin Borg and has three children.

Franceanne Borg Rapa

Franceanne Borg Rapa


Franceanne Borg Rapa, a Gozitan artist, works as a primary teacher. She nurtured her love for art from ...

... an early age and developed her artistic skills by following diverse art classes throughout the years. She attended the Gozo Ghajnsielem evening art classes and studied privately under Christopher Saliba, Graham Gurr, Matthew Cassar and Harry Alden. She obtained her Art 'A' Level under the direction of Mario Cassar. In 1999, Franceanne enrolled for a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) degree in History of Art and conducted research on the first modern art influences in Malta through the School of Art in Valletta. This research has strengthened her appreciation for modern art and additionally influenced her artistic development.

Margaret Farrugia

Margaret Farrugia


Margaret Farrugia obtained a diploma from the Malta School of Art in 1998. Her final project was inspired ...

... by the beauty of the human body. She continued her studies under the well-known artists Harry Alden, Winston Hassell and John Martin Borg. Her favourite mediums include oils, pastels and water colours. Margaret participated in various local and foreign collective exhibitions since 1998 and amongst the most notable is the Biennale of Christian Art in Malta. Other exhibitions include "Inspirations" which was held at the Manoel Theatre in 2004 and "Fantasies by the Sea" which was held at the Valletta Waterfront. In 2011 she held her first solo exhibition at the Razzett Tal-Markiz Mallia Tabone in Mosta.

Frederick Gingell

Frederick Gingell


Born in 1946, in Valletta, Frederick Gingell, studied art at a very young age. It remained ...

... dormant for years. It resurfaced fifteen years ago when he returned to the School of Arts in 2000. He furthered his studies for seven years under the direction of artist Harry Alden. However, he has never lost his youthful idealism and passion in the practice of art.

Colour is the dominant and forceful characteristic of his works. Frederick participated in numerous collective exhibitions and produced three solo exhibitions. The Courier magazine had commented "His work is edgy and breathtaking; the use of colour inspirational".

Frederick main medium is oils, however he produced bas-reliefs and collage in wood. Most of his works are either in local institutions or private collections. Others can be found in Canada, France, Italy, Russia, United Kingdom and USA.

His works can be viewed on www.frederickgingell.com.

Clyde Haber


Clyde Haber was born in 1979 and from a young age, being brought up in a family of artists he pursued ...

.... drawing and painting at the school of Art in Valletta, at MCAST in Targa Gap and also at the Institute of Visual Arts in Valletta. Clyde works primarily in oils and has a particular flair for design. His work focuses mainly on the human figure and on portraits. He gets his creative inspiration through his frequent travels around the globe and is mainly inspired by pop art and hard edge, using clean lines and vivid colours. Clyde took part in numerous collective exhibitions, the most notable being Rotta ta l-Arti, Glorious Gozo, Tree 4 u, Bjennali tal-Arti Kristjana Kontemporanja and a solo Exhibition at the Corinthia San Gorg.

Christine Porter Lofaro

Christine Porter Lofaro


Christine Porter Lofaro commenced her artistic formation at a young age. She attended ...

... Art classes at the Malta Government School of Art and also at the Society of Arts Manufactures and Commerce in Valletta. She continued to develop different styles and techniques under the private tuition of Mr. Harry Alden. Along with 14 years of teaching experience, Christine holds an honours degree in History of Art and a Master's degree in Creativity and Innovation from the University of Malta. In 2016, she obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Sheffield (UK) with research on studio spaces and creativity. Christine is a full-time artist and a visiting lecturer at the Department of Digital Arts within the Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences (MAKS) at the University of Malta.

Schedule what? where? when?

Saturday 30th September 2017

7.30 PM - 10.00 PM

Official Opening (by invitation only)

Details to be announced.

Sunday 1st October 2017

9.00 AM - 5.00 PM

Open to the general public

The exhibition will be open all week from 9:00am till 5:00pm. Free admission.

Saturday 28th October 2017


Final day

The exhibition closes today at 5.00 pm.

Venue a space to explore!

Inquisitor's Palace
Main Gate Street
Vittoriosa, Malta

phone: +356 2180 0145
email: info@heritagemalta.org
web: heritagemalta.org

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